Kid's Revolution Cheerleading Classes

Does your child get excited by dynamic movements like tumbling, flipping cartwheels and handstands?

While most cheer gyms only focus on the sport, Kid's Revolution adds a unique mix of valuable life lessons to our cheerleading classes.


More than just a great workout

Your child's world is filled with constant distractions like texting, social media and a host of other mind-numbing activities.

Our cheerleading classes convert your child's energy into athletic gains and improved self-esteem through the positive impacts of movement education.

Taught by safety-certified coaches who bend over backwards—sometimes literally—to keep our kids safe and smiling, your kids will learn the right skills through the right drills at the right time of their development with the right role models.

Don’t get us wrong, we are very serious about developing fabulous athletes—and we're pretty spectacular it!



It’s funny, not many people initially search out a After School/multipurpose gym in order to help their child develop Respect, Discipline and Self Esteem, yet, after training at our gym, this is exactly what happens with our members.

The well structured classes and goals provide an opportunity for our members to become disciplined in their work ethic, almost immediately. And, with the professional methodology our staff implements to communicate effectively with our athletes, a mutual respect forms which transfers quickly to their life outside the gym, too.

The achievement of short and medium term goals helps our athletes to celebrate their successes and realize how much they actually can accomplish when they put their mind to a task. When this happens, their self-esteem soars! As parents and educators, children with high self-esteems learns quicker making success easier to achieve.



Let’s face it, very few kids have been taught an effective way to set and achieve goals. Schools don’t have the time to teach it and parents are busier than ever.

That's why our kids go through the Revolution Cheer Curriculum where they learn  how to set short-, medium- and long-term goals for themselves. 

Parents often tell us that this alone is worth the enrollment in our program. It truly gives our kids an unfair advantage in life.



All beginner classes are 45 minutes and are held on:

  • Tuesday at 6:30pm - 7:15pm

  • Wednesday at 6:30pm - 7:15pm

  • Thursday at 6:30pm to 7:15pm


What we’ve come to realize is that as we give our athletes the tools they need to be successful in life, they quickly find themselves successful athletically here, as well as in the other sports they play. A World Class Win-Win scenario!

Cheerleading at Kid's Revolution is a high-quality, professional program designed to inspire team players and build the confidence of tomorrow's leaders. Help your child discover his or her drive and inspiration from within and teach them success skills that will last a lifetime!


One of the many cool components of our Recipe for Success here at Kid's Revolution is our Personal Character Conduct Development System. Understanding that we are in the business of children's Personal development first and then skilled activity second give us a basis that makes us the BEST!

Children will benefit from Power Chats that focus on a monthly Powerful Character Word as well as a monthly Character Project to further solidify the lessons taught on the mat. The Personal Character conduct system will positively impact your child at our gym, at school, and most importantly at the game of life!

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Revolution CHEER is a Cheerleading program designed for ages 5 - 12 of varying levels and abilities.  Many television cheer shows have not given the sport athletic reflection it deserves… We work very hard to harness a positive culture for athletes to help children grow. We have high expectations of each athlete and provide them with the proper platform and skills to achieve their goals individually and as a team!