Kid's Revolution Hip-Hop Dance Classes

Hip-Hop remains one of the most popular forms of music because it's fun, exciting and can lead to dynamic dance routines.

Our skilled instructors will teach your children the same moves they watch dancers perform in their favorite Hip-Hop and R&B videos. More importantly, they'll do this in an appropriate manner that centers around child development.

Hip-Hop Dance Overview

Our Hip-Hop Dance classes are perfect for keeping your child active while allowing them to express their creativity. Hip-Hop is not only fun, it's a natural stress reliever that can help your child improve their concentration skills; a trait that could benefit their education.

The foundational Hip-Hop elements we teach give your child a leg up at every social event they attend for the rest of their lives.

Studies have shown that children with a background in dance are more outgoing, so learning to dance is a great way to bring a shy child out of their shell and build confidence. 

It’s also a great way for your child to stay healthy and have fun. With instructors who are dancers themselves, and a positive and welcoming culture, your child will be excited about learning Hip-Hop.

Most importantly, Hip-Hop Dance lessons offer a number of benefits for kids that are important to their overall health.


  • Developing self-discipline

  • Improving coordination through movement

  • Building unstoppable self-confidence

  • Getting in great physical shape

  • Developing a mindset for success

  • Forging quality friendships with other like-minded children


All beginner classes are 45 minutes and are held on:

  • Monday at 6:30pm - 7:15pm

  • Wednesday at 6:30pm - 7:15pm

    Our new session will begin on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

    Register today spot fill up quickly.


One of the many cool components of our Recipe for Success here at Kid's Revolution is our Personal Character Conduct Development System. Understanding that we are in the business of children's Personal development first and then skilled activity second give us a basis that makes us the BEST!

Children will benefit from Power Chats that focus on a monthly Powerful Character Word as well as a monthly Character Project to further solidify the lessons taught on the mat. The Personal Character conduct system will positively impact your child at our gym, at school, and most importantly at the game of life!

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