Welcome to Kid's Revolution

Kid's Revolution is Cockeysville's Best Childcare Center! We have been a licensed childcare facility since 1998 and part of the Cockeysville community since 1990.

Childcare Programs

Teaching core values by creating a fun, supportive and positive culture.


After School Program

Relax knowing that your child will have help with homework, eat a healthy snack and learn fun, new activities all before coming home each day.


Summer Program

Imagine a fun, safe environment that encourages positive friendships, individual growth and makes your child wish for summer year-round!


class activities

Cultivating control and focus through movement education.


Cheerleading Classes

Challenging gymnastic-inspired movements and fun team building activities await your child at Cockeysville’s most popular cheerleading classes.


Hip Hop Dance classes

Give your child the foundation to excel in any movement-based sport or activity through modern dance classes that are fun, social and inspire creativity.


Martial Arts classes

Harness your child’s youthful energy through controlled kicking, punching and yelling that teaches kindness, confidence, discipline and respect.